Martin Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Strings - MEC12


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Martin Clapton's Choice Acoustic Guitar Strings
Distinctively clear, warm tone with a hint of brightness that can highlight the subtleties of any player's style.

"When I play acoustic guitar, whether in a studio or on stage, these Martin Strings are my choice. They deliver the sound that I demand." - Eric Clapton

C.F. Martin and Company is proud to introduce the first sets in a new line of Artist Choice acoustic guitar strings, Clapton's Choice Phosphor Bronze. The Clapton's Choice Phosphor Bronze guitar strings have a distinctively clear, warm tone with a hint of brightness that can highlight the subtleties of any player's style. Live or in the studio, these strings deliver the kind of performance expected by Eric Clapton.

These new strings are available in light and medium gauged sets and were inspired by guitar legend Eric Clapton who has worked with Martin on five signature guitars. The first limited edition in honor of Eric Clapton was the 000-42EC. Introduced a decade ago in 1995, the signed and numbered 461 guitars sold out within days. Since that collaboration, Martin has also presented the extremely popular Vintage Series 000-28EC stock model. Eric Clapton has also been honored with Martin's 000-42ECB and 000-28ECB Limited Editions -- each crafted from the finest Brazilian Rosewood. In 2004, Eric Clapton and Hiroshi Fujiwara collaborated on Martin's 000-ECHF Bellezza Nera, one of the most stunning looking and sounding limited editions in Martin history.

With the introduction of these guitars and his increased time playing Martins, Clapton noted the superior strings that Martin manufactures for its superbly crafted instruments. The Clapton's Choice Phosphor Bronze is the result.

The Phosphor Bronze Light, MEC-12 Light, is ideally suited for auditorium, orchestra models, and other smaller body sized guitars and fingerstyle playing. The Phosphor Bronze Medium, MEC-13 Medium, is excellent for longer body guitars and popular for flat picking and strumming.

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