Orange Ad200B Bass Amp Head Bass Heads
Orange Ad200B Bass Amp Head Bass Heads

Orange AD200B Bass Amp Head


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Orange AD200 MK3 Bass Head

When they designed the AD15's and 30's last year, Orange couldn't have imagined the effect they would have on the guitar buying populace. Everyone from magazine reviewers to bedroom critics instantly fell in love with their amazing sound. When the time came to build a bass head Orange was determined not to let their standards drop. After many long weeks of soldering, testing, re-soldering and re-testing they were finally satisfied. The Orange AD200 Bass was born..

But what does it sound like? With it's fat & smooth sounds, the AD200 Mk3 BASS is an amplifier decades of bass players have been looking for. Only 5 controls? That can&#39t be enough!?! Many manufacturers resort to complex control systems which allow a user to try to make their amps sound good. We think if an amp sounds great to start with... Who's going to want to change it?!? Versatility? You'd be amazed at the tonal variations and sound that can be achieved with 5 controls!

200 watts... Is that loud enough? We're talking "British Tube"watts here! Crank an AD200 Mk3 BASS up on stage and it'll blow away any transistor equivalent!


  • Control Panel Master Volume, Gain Control, Bass EQ, Middle EQ, Treble EQ
  • Inputs Dual Input Sockets
  • Outputs 4 ohm and 8 ohm Speaker Outs
  • Construction Enamelled Steel Chassis Mounted In A Heavy Duty Cabinet
  • Preamp Tubes 1 X ECC83 1 X ECC81 dual triodes
  • Power Tubes 4 X 6550 tetrodes


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