Promark Tx5An Drumsticks Sticks
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Promark TX5AN Drumsticks


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PROMARK 5 A Hickory Drumsticks

  • 5 A Hickory
  • Length: 406 mm
  • Width: 14 mm
  • Wood: Tip Pro-Mark makes the world's most popular hickory drumsticks from preferred southern hickory in a wide range of styles and sizes featured here with wood tips. The Millennium II manufacturing process results in extra strength and durability.


    A consistent supply of premium quality wood means consistent production of the highest quality drumsticks. Our 40 years of unequaled success in drumstick production is recognized by the top wood mills in the United States and Japan. This assures Pro-Mark of priority delivery, and guarantees an uninterrupted year-round supply of wood.


    Some drummers prefer the natural sound of wood tips. Others prefer nylon tips for a bright, cymbal sound and longer tip life. Be sure to select a high quality nylon tip for the best sound and service.

    Pro-Mark Promise

    Whether your sound is heavy metal or light rock, hot funk or cool jazz, or if you march to the beat of a different drummer, Pro-Mark has the drumstick that's just right for you. Drum sticks are sold in pairs.

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