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Promo Only Uk Club Beats


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This new series will make it easy for a DJ to shine. By making available the latest European 12&#34 remixes, UK Club Beats affords DJs the opportunity to branch away from mainstream play and to develop their own style and persona by breaking songs that have yet to impact domestic charts. With many of the titles featured monthly not available on CD, and many more simply unavailable at all here in the U.S., UK Club Beats allows you access to the same music being played by the world&#39s premier DJs. Each carefully chosen track features the latest Euro-grooves, each issue offers a variety of House (Funky/Disco/Filtered/Hard), Trance ( Euphoric, Melodic, Crossover), UK Garage / 2 Step and Hard Dance releases guaranteed to keep your peak-hour play pumping. Seal your reputation as a trendsetter and tastemaker while offering your audience a refreshing and compelling change of pace with every spin. This format is a must for the DJ who NEEDS: High energy dance tracks, popular in the European clubs, but not licensed and impossible to get in the U.S. Full length 12&#34 mixes of import titles that haven&#39t been released domestically Mixes that you just can&#39t get on CD here in the U.S. For DJ&#39s who need the hits, (before your audience starts asking for them). 

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