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ProTools SOTP02 Instructional DVD


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Secrets of the Pros Pro Tools Volume 1 Video
With over 4 hours of information this 2-DVD set will not only show you the basics, but also take you much further into advanced techniques for recording, editing, MIDI, and more. You will see how the software and hardware work, and be shown in detail exactly how to use Pro Tools like a professional.

It also goes step by step through Beat Detective which is a powerful part of Pro Tools that allows you to tighten, fix, and even change the groove of drum and percussion parts.

Your host, Ken Walden, is a former 9 year veteran Digidesign/Pro Tools Product Specialist and Tech, and a seasoned engineer with credits on recordings by several top name artists. Ken delivers all the essentials you need to set up your system and begin recording your music without compromise. Learn the ins and outs of creating and honing Pro Tools sessions, and discover techniques that will give you a huge head start.


  • Recording (well refined techniques to make recording easy, and keep the creativity flowing)
  • Editing (methods used by the best in the industry)
  • Mixing (signal routing, plug-in info, and more...)
  • Beat Detective
  • System set-up (how to get the most power and stability from your system)
  • MIDI -- featuring Reason (set up, signal flow, and detailed editing info)
  • Software overview (This will take your through the important parts of the Pro Tools software, and show you how to use these features)
  • Hardware (how to set up your system and typical wiring scenarios)


  • Over 4 hours of information!
  • Easy to follow, expert advise
  • Cover LE, TDM, Mac, and PC
  • Review at your own pace

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