Quality Recording In Your Bedroom by Peter Lawrence Alexander HL1353


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How To Do A Demo Quality Recording In Your Bedroom

, 2nd Edition Peter Lawrence Alexander Whether you've got a four-track cassette deck, digital recorder, or a computer you've turned into a recording studio, "How to Do a Demo-Quality Recording in Your Bedroom" jump starts your skills quickly. It's written in a simple do-this, do-that approach. Topics covered include: expectations for home recording • connectors and cables • signal flow • overview of Cubase, Emagic Logic and Samplitude 6.0 • connecting the computer's audio card to the mixing board • recording procedures • how to set levels • how to apply effects in the mix • and much more. Includes a 38-page gallery of microphone positions for grand piano, amp miking, acoustic guitars, drums, vocalists and choir based on Shure® microphone techniques. 336 pages.

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