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Radial Pro DI Passive Direct Box


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Radial Pro DI Passive Direct Box

The Radial ProDI is a high quality passive direct box that employs a proprietary transformer for both impedance conversion and isolation. Linear from 20Hz to 18kHz, the Radial ProDI features how distortion and virtually zero phase distortion, making it a perfect choice for live and studio performance. Features include 1/4-inch input and thru-put, -15dB pad and ground lift, all of which are protected from damage via a protective front panel zone. The heavy-duty construction with baked enamel finish is designed to provide years of trouble-free performance. The Radial ProDI is ideal for acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and drum machines. Since Radial introduced the JDI back in 1996, customers have asked them to produce a more affordable passive direct box so that home studios, small sound companies and community centers can enjoy some of the benefits of using a JDI. The Radial JDI is very special in that it employs a $100 Jensen Audio Transformer as the engine that performs the impedance conversion and the isolation. Radial searched high and low to find a more affordable alternative, but no matter how hard they looked, the quality was never close. The Jensen is truly perfect! This left Radial with only one choice: to have a custom-made transformer built to their specifications. Although not quite as good as the Jensen, this new transformer is light years ahead of the competition and features many of the attributes that makes the Jensen unique. The difference, however, is that now Radial can offer a direct box for less than half the price! The Radial ProDI features standard hi-Z input and thru-put 1/4-inch connectors, -15dB input pad and ground-lift switch. The balanced output is 600 Ohm to interface with professional snake systems and consoles. All switches are recessed in a protective zone to shield against damage from the road. Performance is amazing: linear from 20Hz to 18kHz, the ProDI features exceptionally low harmonic distortion and virtually zero phase distortion in the critical bass and mid zone, making it ideal for performance venues and studio work. Because of the transformer isolation, problems such as hum and buzz caused by ground loops are eliminated, making it very easy and hassle-free to use. Built following Radial's tradition for maximum durability and finished in a tough black enamel, the ProDI measures in at a mere 2-3/4 x 4-1/4 inch, making it easy to fit in a guitar or bass case for the travelling musician. Ideal for acoustic-electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drum machines, the Radial ProDI is destined to gain popularity at all musical levels. Designed specifically for dynamic microphones, the DM-1 HotShot is a simple passive that features an XLR input, momentary foot switch and two XLR outputs designated 'main' and 'monitor'. The microphone connects to the input and the main output connects to the sound system as usual. The monitor output is connected to the monitor desk where the monitor engineer can route the signal to the musicians on-stage monitoring systems and if desired, to the technical crew. Should a problem occur; a change of song during a set; or a level require adjustment, the vocalist need merely depress his HotShot foot switch and he is now able to converse in confidence.


  • Full range passive direct boxes
  • Isolation transformer eliminates noise
  • Very low harmonic and phase distortion
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Ideal for live sound and studio
  • Mono (ProDI) or stereo (ProD2) models

    Typical ProDI Applications

  • Active acoustic guitars, bass guitars
  • Electric pianos, synthesizers
  • Drum machines, samplers
  • DJ mixers, CD, DVD and Mp3 players

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