REMO PS-0108-00 8 Coated Pinstripe DRUM SKINS
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Remo PS-0108-00 Coated Pinstripe Drumhead, 8"


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Remo Pinstripe Coated Heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar plies. The space outside of the "pinstripe" is filled with a measured ring-reducing agent to dampen unwanted high frequency overtones.

Pinstripe Coateds have a quick decay and a warm, muted tone that makes them popular for Rock, Jazz, and Fusion.

Name Remo 8" Pinstripe Coated Drum Head
Brand Remo
Model # PS-0108-00
UPC Code 757242150030
Sold By each
Series Coated, Pinstripe, Pinstripe Coated
Material Plastic
Color White
Surface Type Coated
Diameter 8"
Drum Head Type Top (Batter)
Thickness 14 mils
Number of Plies 2
Collar Type Open Channel

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