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Rocktron's Utopia Expression Pedal expression pedal provides a comfortable feel and just enough travel!

The Utopia Expression Pedal is a multi-function pedal that can be used both as a volume pedal (with smooth volume transitions) and as an expression pedal with a large variety of processors and MIDI controllable equipment.

Use a simple stereo to stereo cable for expression connection, minimizing cable use on stage.

The expression jack accepts a _" stereo RTS cable and lets you plug into the expression port in your MIDI footcontroller or the expression port in your MIDI controllable device and thus operate the Utopia Expression as a MIDI expression pedal.

Use the input and output jacks to function as a standard volume pedal. The output jack accepts a standard guitar cable and lets you plug the Utopia Expression Pedal output into the next effect in your effect chain or directly into the input of your guitar amplifier.

This is an awesome looking, well-built, road tough expression pedal for the new age!

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