Sabian 121VR 21 HH Vanguard Cymbal CRASH CYMBALS
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Sabian 121VR 21" HH Vanguard Cymbal


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Sabian 121VR 21" HH Vanguard Cymbal

Sabian HH Vanguard Cymbals are thin and light with small bells. Combined with pinpoint lathing, this gives this series a dark, quick response. The stick definition is nice and woody with a clean attack.

In a very traditional fashion, Vanguard cymbals aren't labeled as crashes or rides - they can easily be used in either capacity, depending on the particular music you're playing.


  • Dark, Quick Response
  • Thin and Light
  • Clean, Woody Stick Response
  • Intentionally Not Labeled Crash or Ride
  • Vintage, Musical Sound

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