Tama Hh905D Iron Cobra 900 Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand Hi Hat Stands

Tama HH905D Iron Cobra 900 Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand


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Tama HH905D Iron Cobra 900 Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand
The Tama Iron Cobra 900 Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand is an immensely strong piece of hardware, pairing up nicely with the renowned Iron Cobra bass pedal in terms of feel and build quality. The strap drive feels smooth and light under your foot.

The 2-leg design is actually more stable and easier to position than a tripod. A stabilizer under the footboard shifts the balance toward the player. You can also tilt the entire stand toward you! One more big bonus: there's no steel plate under the footboard, so you can completely fold it up against the main tube for easy transportation.

The included Quick-Set Hi Hat Clutch attaches and detaches from your top cymbal more quickly and easily than a standard clutch: just push the red button on the side to make it let go! This clutch lets the top cymbal float more freely as well, so it gets the maximum sound it can produce.

You can adjust the pedal tension six different ways, not to mention the angle of your footboard. Never have your rod get bent up during transportation again, with the included Spare-the-Rods protector.

Ever have the rod completely unthread itself in the middle of a song? Tama's non-loosening tension rod stops that from ever happening. The main tube attachment is also extremely secure with the Glide-Tite grip joint.

The Hinge Guard Block was updated to a two-piece construction, holding the aerospace-grade Oiles bearings more evenly to maximize smoothness and minimize stress.

To top it all off, you'll get two hi hat rods (one long, one short) to fit your particular setup needs.

Strap Drive Feels Light and Smooth
Extremely Stable, Positionable 2-Leg Design
Spare-the-Rods Protector
Footboard Folds Up for Easy Transportation
Quick-Set Clutch Included
So Many Adjustable Points

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