Tama Hp900Rn Iron Cobra 900 Rolling Glide Single Bass Pedal Kick Drum Pedals
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Tama HP900RN Iron Cobra 900 Rolling Glide Single Bass Pedal


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Tama HP900RN Iron Cobra 900 Rolling Glide Single Bass Pedal
The 900 version of Tama's Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Single Bass Drum Pedal puts 20 years of modifications and testing to use. Iron Cobras have always been heralded for their strength, solid feeling, and smooth performance, and several upgrades simply enhance the experience.

The Swivel Spring Tight is new to the 900 series; instead of being anchored to the base, the bottom of the spring tension holder now moves with the action of the beater head. This motion prevents the spring from being pulled at odd angles, saving energy and reducing turbulence.

The Hinge Guard Block has been upgraded from one piece to two, holding the heel hinge more evenly to reduce stress and increase smoothness. The footboard's length has been slightly extended, giving you a greater feel of control.

Iron Cobra 900 sprockets are 40% lighter than on previous models, enhancing speed and making everything feel more effortless. Other innovations remain, like Teflon-coated Oiles Hinge Bearings, the rebound-enhancing Cobra Coil, and the nearly frictionless Speedo-Ring.

The base plate on 900 pedals are wider, preventing the side-to-side sway that old Iron Cobras suffered from under hard playing. The Para-Clamp II is able to grip the widest range of bass hoops ever, with greater holding power (and, of course, the ability to loosen while sitting on your throne).

The Power-Strike Cobra Beater has a smaller, yet thicker, beater head that gives you more attack. The distance between the face of the beater and the shaft has been lengthened, which has proven to give drummers greater control.

The smoothly curved shape of the Rolling Glide cam gives you a consistent-feeling stroke from beginning to end, which is preferred for many drummers who like to balance power with control.

All Iron Cobra Pedals come with a specially-designed hard carrying case.

Swivel Spring Tight & Hinged Guard Block
Extended Footboard & Wider Base
LiteSprocket 40% Lighter
Power-Stroke Cobra Beater Head
Rolling Glide for Smooth Control
Hard Case Included

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