Tama Hs80W Roadpro Snare Stand Snare Stands
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Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Stand


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Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Stand
The Tama HS80W Roadpro Snare Drum Stand is a high-quality piece of equipment that's strong enough to handle a heavy drum, but light enough to be viable for your weekly gigging. The basket on this stand is made for standard snare drum sizes: 12" - 15"

The Quick-Set Tilter changes the angle of your drum with the friction of six smooth metal discs, rather than a toothed gear, so you can set it to precisely the right position.

The basket has been specially designed to avoid contact between the arms and your drum's strainer and butt plate, no matter how many lugs it has. Escape Claws allow the drum to float on the arms to improve its resonance.

Glide-Tite Grip Joints between the down tubes actually use metal-to-metal contact that is extremely solid and still won't rattle. These joints totally isolate the instrument on the stand, letting it resonate as much as it can.

Height adjustable from 19.5" to 25-3/16"

  • High-Quality, Medium Weight
  • Strong Glide-Tite Grip Joints
  • Basket Arms Avoid Strainer Contact
  • Escape Claws
  • Quick-Set Gearless Tilter

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