Tama HT730B Ergo Rider Drum Throne THRONES
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Tama HT730B Ergo Rider Drum Throne


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Enhanced Durability and Stability

The HT730 features Tama's original "Sit Tight" seat clamp, which securely grips the upper rod of the throne to keep it from wobbling. At the bottom of the threaded rod is the "Rocklok" specially-designed nylon bushing to prevent side-to-side motion within the base, giving the throne increased stability and durability.

Precise Adjustability

1st Chair thrones are fast to adjust but still offer exact height adjustment. Loosening the bolt lets you quickly raise the seat to the approximate height you want, then the screw thread lets you make minor adjustments until you're entirely happy. The Trio leg base is 32mm wider than on previous models for greater stability and features the Foot Life plastic leg attachment which reduces wear and tear on the rubber feet whilst extending their life. The feet themselves are oversized (1.5 times larger than on previous models), offering optimal strength and stability.


Ergonomic Hybrid Seat Shape
Double-Braced Tripod Base
1st Chair Height Adjustment
Sit Tight Seat Clamp
Rocklok for Extra Stability

Height Range: 505mm-660mm (19 7/8" - 26")
Feet: Oversized rubber feet
Seat: Ergo-Rider design

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