Tama Lgw1465 6.5 X 14 Slp Series G-Walnut Snare Drum Snares
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Tama LGW1465 6.5" X 14" SLP Series G-Walnut Snare Drum


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Tama LGW1465 6.5" X 14" SLP Series G-Walnut Snare Drum
The Tama 6.5" x 14" SLP Series G-Walnut Snare Drum is a powerhouse of a wooden drum, constructed from 10 plies (9mm) of walnut to give it a fierce attack and aggression - but it's still dark and wet because of walnut's natural sonic tendencies.

The 10-hole Sound Arc Hoops are softer on your hands than true die-cast hoops, but they provide more rim shot cut and bright attack than a standard flanged hoop. Brass tube lugs provide strength without dampening the shell - and they look great!
30-strand snare wires are equipped on the bottom of the G-Walnut, giving you an extra-wet and snappy response with each hit.

This drum is made for any drummer who needs a boost in volume power while retaining dark, rich woody tones.

10-Ply, 9mm Walnut Shell
Fierce Attack and Aggression
Earthy, Wet Timbre of Walnut
2.3mm 10-Hole Sound Arc Hoops
Brass Tube Lugs
Made for Power with Depth

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