Tama Pbb146 Starphonic Bell Brass 6X14 Snare Drum Snares

Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass 6"x14" Snare Drum


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Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass 6"x14" Snare Drum
With unparalleled power and a wide sonic range, the incomparable sound of bell brass has captivated drummers for decades. The new STARPHONIC Bell Brass (PBB146) not only retains bell brass' unique sound characteristics but also offers incredible sensitivity and control.

Grooved Hoop (US.PAT.NO.7825318)
The first factor we focused on to achive a new snare drum sound was the effect of hoop. So, we carefully studied the evolution of the hoop over time.
In doing so, we came up with an idea that combines vintage design and modern technology. That idea is the essence of our totally new "Grooved Hoop."

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
In order to provide a more crisp and sensitve sound, we redesigned our snappy snare, using new materials and customizing the shape of the plate and the wire coil's winding pattern. As a result of these modifications, the new "Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare" fits more closely to the snare side head, demonstrating greater sensitivity and brighter, crisper sound.

Freedom Lug & Claw Hook (US.PAT.NO.7825318)
By looseing the tension rods, you can tilt the claw hooks backwards and away from the Grooved Hoop. This quick release system offers simple, speedy replacement of drum heads without having to take all of the tension rods out of the lugs.

Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster
To prevent the snappy snares from loosening, TAMA incorporated a ratchet system on the strainer's tension adjustment mechanism. Much like an adjustment tool with fine gears, it achieves high-pressure retension, even with extreme settings. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm of wire motion, which allows you to achieve ltra sensitive micro-adjustments.

  • 3mm Bell Brass
  • Grooved Hoop
  • Bearing Edge
  • "Linear-Drive" Strainer
  • Detachable Butt Plate
  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
  • Freedom Lug & Claw Hook
  • Non-Loosening Rubber Gasket
  • Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster

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