Tama Mc62 Fastclamp Double Clamp Drum Clamps
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Tama MC62 Fastclamp Double Clamp


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Tama MC62 Multiclamp

The Tama MC62 is a double multi-clamp for connecting two pipes with diameter from 15.9mm to 28.6mm. Both sides include FastClamp Easy Set Up System. Do you ever feel like you need three hands to attach a drum clamp? Are floor searches for dropped and scattered parts a source of constant frustration? That's why TAMA's hardware designer came up with FastClamp. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.


- You open the FastClamp just like a clothespin.


- You close the FastClamp on the stand just like a clothespin.


- Now the FastClamp holds the clamp in place so you can tighten the T-bolt. Done! Who knows, you may even start to enjoy setting up your kit as much as you do playing it! Well, maybe not, but if your kit requires a lot of clamps, you'll find set up time faster and a whole lot easier with attachments that feature the Fast Clamp Easy Set Up System. Back in the 1970s, TAMA's original introduction of the multi-clamp was a real revolution in the complex instrument we know as the drum kit. Today multi-clamps are standard equipment in drums of all brands. But TAMA continues to stay ahead of the pack with improvements, and new designs, affordable pricing, and superior reliability. So whether you want your simple set more complex, your complex set-up simple, or you just want to fit a large set into a small space, TAMA remains the name in multi-clamp technology.

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