Ultimate Js-Mctb50 Short Mic Stand Mic Stands
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Ultimate JS-MCTB50 Short Mic Stand


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Ultimate Support JS-MCTB50 Short Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom
When it comes to miking sound sources that are close to the floor - such as kick drums or amplifiers - you need the right tool for the job! The JS-MCTB50 Short Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom fits the bill perfectly, boasting a tripod base for stability and an adjustable height of 16" to 23". The telescoping boom adds additional flexibility for making sure you're able to place your microphone exactly where you need it.


  • Telescoping boom arm adjusts from 16.5" to 29"
  • Metal die-cast housing
  • Standard 5/8" threading
  • Short height for hard-to-get-to spaces
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Strong, tip-resistant tripod base

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