Virtuoso Guitar Polish Polish & Cleaner
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Virtuoso Guitar Polish


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Virtuoso Premium Guitar Polish

Product Description: 4 oz. Bottle

Introducing Virtuoso Premium Polish. Instead of abrasives, Virtuoso Premium Polish uses a chemical reaction to break down residues allowing them to be easily wiped off without harming the original finish of the guitar. If you don't drive or sit on your guitars, why are you using car polish and furniture wax on them? Virtuoso Premium Polish leaves a high gloss finger resistant shine that will restore vintage finishes, plus it seals the finish (preventing further oxidation) and forms a layer of 100% UV protection. This polish and cleaner set is a must for the collectable nitrocellulose finishes on nearly all USA vintage guitars. This is the only cleaner that will cut that "smudgy" bar room funk that collects on many guitars and not cut away the clear coat lacquer protection of your prized instrument. For just a deep cleaning product order the Virtuoso Cleaner. (Recommended for Nitro lacquer finish.)

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