Vox Amphones-Ac30 Headphones Guitar Headphone Amps
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VOX AMPHONES-AC30 Headphones , AMPHONES-AC30 , 2020 version


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VOX AMPHONES-AC30 Headphones
Plug in your guitar/bass into the amPhones and start playing!


  • New concept - headphones with built-in amPlug technology that allows you to obtain full-fledged guitar/bass sounds immediately.
  • Headphones made by Audio-Technica, the trusted name in headphones.
  • The headphone amp uses a new reactor circuit that’s based on the Valve Reactor technology featured in VOX amps, delivering incredibly dynamic amp sounds.
  • Totally analog design that faithfully simulates the circuit response of the original amp .
  • Choose from a total of four different types of classic amp sounds, including:
  • The "AC30" version which faithfully reproduces the classic VOX AC30.
  • The "Twin" version which gives you the clean sound of a classic US-made amp.
  • The "Lead" version which delivers a heavy British crunch lead sound.
  • The "Bass" version which provides a wide-range sound, including a new Bassilator circuit that realistically simulates the resonance of the speaker cabinet and floor.
  • A full complement of effects are is provided: chorus/delay/reverb for the guitar versions, and a compressor for the bass version.
  • 1/4" connector allows easy connection to any guitar or bass.
  • When the power is off, the amPhones can be used as conventional headphones that offering the superb sound quality that you would expect from VOX.
  • AUX input jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.

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