Numark Groove Tool Stylus Includes Both Cartridge And Stylus Needles & Cartridges
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Numark Groove Tool Stylus Includes both cartridge and stylus


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Includes both cartridge and stylus. Cartridge is 1/2" headshell mountable; the stylus has a 0.6mm spherical diamond tip. Cartridge has a tracking force of 2.5g to 3.5g. Channel separation is 26dB at 1kHz. Output: 2.4Mv.


Numark Groove Tool Headshell Cartridge Features:


  • 0.6mm spherical diamond tip
  • Tracking force: 2.5g to 3.5g
  • Channel separation: 26dB at 1kHz
  • Output: 2.4Mv

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