Fender Mustang Micro - Every guitar player needs this !

Posted by Mike Feagan on

Fender has released the Mustang Micro guitar headphone amp, this pint sized power house guitar headphone amplifier offers a feature set and tonal quality above all others. The Mustang Micro is rechargeable so no batteries to worry about and it lasts 4 hours on a single charge. Easy to select up to 12 different amp models from clean to triple rectifier distorted, each model sounds great and has 12 easily editable effects with variable parameters and eq for each model. Jamming along with your favorite playlist is a breeze with blue tooth audio connectivity you are basically wireless except from the Mustang Micro to your headphones. This concept is not new however the Mustang Micro is at the front of the evolution of guitar headphone amps, its features are great and easy to use, but the difference is the tone. You will have to try this item to experience the great tone that all Fender product are known for, I have had mine for about 3 weeks and love it, my family loves it too as my jam room decibels have dropped from 125 to zero !  This is a must have item for any guitar player, makes practice easy and sounds great .

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