PRS Experience 2018

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PRS Experience 2018PRS Experience 2018PRS Experience 2018

I attended the 2018 PRS Experience at the PRS factory in Stevensville MD on June 6th , it was a combination of a open house for dealers and end users to see the factory and meet the staff as well as a giant party to celebrate guitar enthusiast and have a beer with like minded folks that really dig PRS guitars . We have been a dealer of PRS at Fleet for a little over 4 years now and the guitars are great quality, very playable, and sought after by a loyal legion of players who love them. We have been dealing the SE series of PRS guitars that are made off shore but completely overseen by PRS in the States including the final setups but had yet to buy into the Core lineup that is made in the  Stevensville factory , until now . If you are to order a Core series from PRS the average wait time is approx 7 months as these instruments are highly sought after and consider heirloom quality, the demand for them supercedes PRS's ability to make these one of a kind guitars. The 2018 Experience PRS was not only a open house but a opportunity to touch and play a bunch of Core series guitars, then buy them on the spot ! Some of the guitars were limited editions that you had to be in attendance to purchase, and fend off the other 100 or so international distributors that were there for the same purpose, with the help of my Friend, his wife and my wife that I dragged on tour with me we managed to buy 4 of these gorgeous instruments, 2 of them were limited editions that you can not order and had to attend to buy, and we were the only Canadian company to attend. So if you are interested purchasing a 2018 limited PRS Core series guitar, the only place in Canada to get one is here ! We have 1 Paul's Guitar 2018 PRS Experience limited edition and 1 McCarty 594 Semi Hollow body in Charcoal Cherry burst on the way along with a Faded Whale blue Custom 24 and a Special Semi Hollow in Black Gold Burst . Hoping to have these here by first week of July , if you are a PRS enthusiast, collector or simply curious what PRS is all about , drop into Fleet to try one of these superb instruments.

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